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The 50 Most Used Fonts on the Web

We believe in a level playing field. That’s why our Hot New Fonts, and (obviously) Best Sellers lists are based purely on sales: it’s our way of letting our customers dictate the trends and direction of the marketplace as a whole.

Although this approach has proven to be effective for taking the temperature of what’s popular in type design in general, we wanted a different way to measure the success and popularity of webfonts. So, we’re bringing you a new way to browse: a list not based on fonts sold, but rather fonts currently in use. Our new Top Webfonts page is a list of the 50 most used fonts on the web.

The list is a great resource for finding webfonts that can walk the talk: fonts that are perfect for the web and that people keep coming back to. These are the fonts that designers choose for their projects because of their impeccable on-screen rendering, readability, and design. And they’re the ones that developers love to work with thanks to our easy to use, super flexible webfont kits.

Staying true to the MyFonts way; the list (which you can navigate to by clicking the Webfont link in the header of our site) is once again built by our users. It updates hourly, making sure that you have the most current and accurate information possible.

It’s awesome. Check it out for yourself!

Dalton Maag Makes Comprehensive Font Buying Easy

This foundry is setting a new trend and taking the guesswork out of buying fonts.

Dalton Maag is changing the way they do business in order to make life a bit easier for their customers. The 20-year-old company recently announced that they are consolidating their font editions (Standard, Corp, Arabic, Typographic, etc) into single editions, so that each font style will now include all features and scripts for a single price.

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Usage in a logo

Creative professionals frequently ask Can I use this font in a logo? and What license is needed for usage in a logo? These are fair and ethical questions, but finding a clear and concise answer can seem tough. We thought we’d take a minute to translate commonly-seen desktop license legalese to make your shopping experience that much easier.

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Install Fonts from MyFonts on iOS 7 Devices

Love working on your iPad but hate being limited to the fonts that came with it?

We have great news for you! As of today you can install any font – a new purchase or previously downloaded package – from MyFonts onto your iOS 7 device and use it in apps with a font menu such as Pages and Keynote.

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MyFonts goes abroad

MyFonts is going abroad, at least in a way. This week we’ve started localizing the currency in which customers from the UK and Eurozone see pricing on the site. We started in Germany, then the UK and France. We’ll be rolling it out to the rest of the countries over next day.

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What’s Neue?

In 2014 we’re kicking off a year of big improvements to the MyFonts site. Over the coming months you’ll see many enhancements to the feel and functionality of the site. This evolution is about more than just prettification; our main focus is to make it even easier to browse and shop our collection across devices of all shapes and sizes.

You’ll see these changes roll out gradually over 2014, and periodic What’s Neue? posts here will keep you informed about what we’re doing and why. We have many loyal users who know and love the current site. Therefore we’ve adopted this gradual, iterative approach to ensure that, as we release changes, we get an opportunity to have a dialogue with them.

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Attention web designers: we just added a new feature that lets you try any of our webfonts for 30 days on your own site, completely free. Learn how in this video.